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How it works?

1-   Registration

a.      Click on the “Sign Up” link on the upper right corner of the page.

b.       Fill in the form and make sure to enter your correct email to receive the order receipt.

2-   Creating or joining a Group

a.       After your first login you will have the following options:

                                                               i.      Creating a new group.

1.       Login.

2.       Click on the “Groups” link at the top of the page.

3.       Under “Create a new Group” type a descriptive group name, check its availability then click “Create Group”.

4.       Tell your friends your group name to be able to join it.

                                                             ii.      Joining an existing group (you have to know its name).

1.       Login.

2.       Click on the “Groups” link at the top of the page.

3.       Under “Request to join a Group” type the group name, check its validity then click “Request to Join”.

4.       Wait for the group owner to approve your joining request.


3-   Ordering

a.       If you want to initiate a new order click “Initiate” beside the desired restaurant.

b.      A new order will be added at the top of the orders list.

c.       Also a notification will be sent to your enrolled group members that have the “Agent” running in their taskbars (otherwise notify them by any other mean).

d.      Any group member that needs to participate in this order will have to login, click on the “Order” link beside the top most available order, select the desired food items, submit and confirm.

e.      After a while (say 15 minutes) the order initiator will have to click on the order ID, click on the “Order” link to lock the order, call the restaurant and request the group items listed in the top most grid in the “Order Summary” page. By clicking on the link “Order” no further participants can join or modify their orders.


4-   Updating prices, entering the extras & announcing the order delivery.

a.       After the order is delivered the initiator will have to update the prices if needed, type all the extras (tax + delivery charge + tips,..) then click “Delivered”.

b.      In this case all the order participants having the agent will be notified that the order has been delivered and an email will be sent to them with their receipts including the extras (divided according to each participant’s share in the order).


·         The agent is safe (source is available upon request). It keeps you notified about new orders, delivered orders or cancelled orders. Using it is optional if the notification will be done in any other mean.

·         If you didn’t find your desired restaurant, category or food item in the list you can add it by clicking on the “Editor” link located at the bottom of the homepage after login.

·         Please feel free to report any defect or suggestion.

·         This service is free of charge so Enjoy and Bon Appétit J.